Battle of The Browsers

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Internet Marketing Tools

Battle of The Browsers

It would probably be more appropriate to title this post, “The Rise and Rise of Google Chrome”, but I figured, ‘Battle of the Browsers’ sounded a bit cooler. This is kind of a follow on to my post about FireFox and all the cool FireFox addons you can get to help you run your online business empire.

When Google released Chrome in 2008, Internet Explorer and FireFox were the big boys in browserland. They pretty much had the market covered. Safari and Opera had both had less than 3% each. But here we are, just 5 short years later and Chrome is top of the list. Would we really expect anything less from good ole Google?

¬†Anyway, rather than make you listen to me rant on about how this meteoric rise to fame and fortune played out, I created a rather nifty (ok, you might not agree it’s nifty, but this is my blog and I can say what I want, ok? ) infographic showing you just that.

How Google Chrome has risen to the top of the browser rankings over the last 5 years



  1. That is a beautiful infographic. I didn’t know that Chrome had out-distanced Firefox, though I’m not surprised that IE has lost so much market share. That tends to happen when you don’t give people what they want.

    Too bad Chrome has unresolved issues…

    • Awe shucks, I’m blushing Anita. Thanks. Yes, Chrome is top at the moment and unless Firefox gets it’s ass into gear I can’t see things changing any time soon.

  2. I have to admit, I do like Chrome a lot, but FF is still ‘first’ for me because of all the addons and plugins that I have connected to it. Things like FireFTP and Firebug are necessary for me. It also took me forever and a day to find and figure out my bookmarks in Chrome, LOL. But I do really like Chrome, and maybe one day, if and when they have all the same goodies as FF available, I’ll use it exclusively. For now, I use all three browsers, FF, Chrome and IE, for a variety of different things.

    • Vanessa, I find I’m using FF less and less. For someone who was once a faving fan, I can quite easily see why FF is losing out to Chrome. Unfortunately, like you I rely too much on all the FF goodies to desert it altogether. As for IE… well, we’ll just not go there lol.

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